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Real estate

Let your property work for you

Investment opportunity

We will take care of the hard part of real-estate investing and find the best real estate for your business. Tell us about your business plans and let us do the market research.

Business plan

Reconstruction, sale or rental? We will go through all the possibilities with you and prepare the best strategy.

Securing your funding

We will process all the offers from banks, financial institutions and other investors and ensure the most advantageous financing for your business plan. We will guide you throughout the whole process.

Legal services

Let us do the, sometimes overwhelming, paperwork. The law office we closely cooperate with deals with all the contracts you could possibly need throughout the project. You can be certain that all the documents will be flawless.

Project documentation

You do not have to worry about your project´s documentation. We take care of everything, including an architectural study, a zoning and building permit and a construction project.

Investor’s technical supervision

Together with experienced specialists, we will keep an eye on the realization process – from contractor selection to delivering the complete project in time. We will take care of the correctness and quality of the work, the construction speed and respecting agreed budgets.

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